USDA and Public Health licensed cattery
                                                                                     - Adherence to Animal Welfare Act

                                                                        - Full-time attending Accredited Veterinarian
                                                - Full compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations 
                                         - Allowing USDA inspectors and local authorities to randomly enter our cattery to
                                              physically check our cats, health records, and inspect condition of our facilities.
                                                                     - Maintaining spot-less living place for all our felines
                                                                 - TICA registered cattery with obedience to Code of Ethics
                                                                                   - Certified Diploma of Felinololgy
                                             - Consistent studying the anatomy, genetics, physiology, and breeding of cats.

For True Cat Lovers!


SILVERTALES  is a family cattery based on breeding beautiful and healthy felines where all of us are working hard to provide you the best kitten of your dream. We raise British Longhair and  British Shorthair kittens of Blue Golden Shaded, Black Golden Shaded, Lilac Golden Shaded, Chocolate Golden Shaded, Black Silver Shaded, Seal Silver Shaded Point, and Chinchilla colors with green or blue eyes.    

We are specializing in British cat breeds only and located in Grant County, just outside of Moses Lake, WA in the countryside. The cattery is set on 5 acres in a secluded area where it is peacefully quiet.
We fell in love with this breed and how it combines the aristocratic personality and elite appearance. We really

enjoy raising the kittens and grow with the experience we continue to gain. Our cats come from Top European bloodlines and have all the qualities needed to produce marvelous offspring. We aim to produce happy and healthy kittens of show quality and welcome prospective buyers to come visit our cats and/or kittens to choose their new family member.
Also, we are constantly working on improving these breeds (coat and eye color, face type, body structure, etc.) and do not practice inbreeding.

Please, visit our site and see our cats and kittensWe have answered frequently asked questions with all the things you should know about your new family member. Feel free to contact us with any questions.