​"Daisy (Alexandria) is such a wonderful kitten!  Growing nicely, very interactive, playful, cuddly, and with a very friendly warm personality.  She is a perfect fit to our family. Of course everyone who meets her is so far very in love :-) Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of bringing her in to this world to create such joy."
- Orr from San Francisco, CA

"Benedict is doing great.  he's really comfortable in our home now and eating quite a bit now.  He's got a very lovely personality as well."
- Mike from Bay Area, CA

"Balthazar is doing well, eating well, already adjusted to his new home :) ...We are definitely more than happy with our boy, he's the best cat we ever had, he's sweet, affectionate and absolutely gorgeous!!! Very gentle, his personality is amazing, we love him to pieces! Thank you for this wonderful boy!"

- Valentina from Brooklyn, NY

​"Apple is being loved very much.  Please do not worry.  She is a little snuggle bug!   We almost never put her down!    She is very affectionate and loving and she is doing so
well in our home. We are absolutely IN LOVE with her!!! She is very very loved and well looked after, we promise!   I want to thank you for always being so communicative and 
sending photo and video updates throughout the process.  I can tell that you love all the kitties very much and that you do this with much care and consideration.  You and your family are just lovely with the cats and your business is extremely professional. 
I have dealt with other breeders before and your way of doing things is by far the most caring and professional I have seen."

- Gigi from Portland, ME

"I hope that all is well with your family and your beautiful cats!I just wanted to let you know that Aristotle ("Pugsley") is doing great! He is starting to get a daily routine down for playing, eating and sleeping (and sleeping, and sleeping, followed by more sleeping!)He is such a good boy -- so far, no scratching damage, and no failures to use the litter box.Whenever we do see him scratching somewhere, take him to his scratching board and give
him a treat when he uses it. He is starting to nip at our hands or feet once in while, but we just stop playing with him and then he doesn't do it next time.We have started leaving him alone for short periods of time, first for an hour, and now we're up to 3 hours or so. Everything looks OK in the house when we come back.
He is still so very affectionate! He loves to be held, and will often fall 
asleep instantly after he is picked up. And he is a purring machine -- except for when he's in playing at hunting/attacking or in a deep sleep, he is always purring. 
Especially when we are holding and petting his chest or chin.Thanks again for raising such a beautiful, affectionate and well-behaved kitty!
We feel very blessed to have him in our home."
-Robb from Portland, OR

"She's a great cat and I love her!.....She's beautiful!"
- Karen from Cleveland, OH

"Hi Tanya, Silver Apple is doing good now , and she has became familiar with her new home that she is eating and playing with me now.  Sliver Apple totally enjoyed her new life she is very cute and friendly to everyone and she has increased her weight lol . I will take good care of her. Thank you. Best, Richard."
- Richard from Bay Area, CA

"Anastasia lives well, and grows larger than the first time I met her. BTW, her personality is soooooo great!!!!! I love her so much! Thank you!!"

-Xiaoxi from Seattle, WA

"Rosalia arrived on time and is already taking a quiet nap.  She's SO beautiful! Thanks again for sending us such a beautiful sweet bundle of joy. She (Rosalia) has brought life back into hearts."
-Jill and Carl from Maine

"Yes, we are enjoying Aristotle Pugsley very much! He has become such an important 
member of the family! He continues to be a very affectionate kitty. He loves to be held
and to have his chest and belly rubbed (which he DEMANDS from the first person who
gets back home after he's been left alone for a while). Most evenings after dinner and 
playtime, he naps next to me on sofa while I'm watching TV, before eventually 
following me up to bed to sleep for the night.We have been a bit surprised at how vocal he his. He never hesitates to let us know when he wants food, or to play, or simply to be picked up and held. Most of the time, he needs to be wherever we are, and follows us around the house. Although, as he gets older, it has become more common for him to go off by himself for a couple of hours.  Then he will emerge from hiding, meowing/crying for attention...and of course, we gladly provide it:)
We took Pugsley to the vet a few weeks ago, and the doctor said he's in perfect health. 
He weighs a little over 8 lbs, now. I have attached several recent pictures. We think he 
still looks mostly like his mom. But as he adds weight, he is starting to look more and 
more like his dad, Neon. Again, we thank you for raising such a loving, well-behaved -- and as EVERYONE who sees him says to us -- handsome boy. He has brought us a lot of joy."

- Robb, Adrienne and MaryJane from Wilsonville, OR

"Thank you Tanya and Nick, I totally experience your good customer service!!! As I find another cattery,which is also located in USA, and she won’t let me know how did she calculate the expensive price for purchasing a kitten from her cattery, and you DO IT!!!!! So I think I have chosen the right and excellent cattery!!Cassandra is arrived to our home. She is so beautiful!! And very friendly I will send you more pic later...Thanks a lot!"
- Carmen from Hong Kong

"Nick and Tanya, Jewel has  "Blossomed" into a beautiful young lady. She fits right 
into our show homeof cavaliers, because she thinks she is a dog:) We are so thankful 
that you entrusted her to us. In the evenings she listens to Bach and Beethoven.
She purrs, loves and rolls over to have her belly rubbed in the morning and evening. 
She is the most loving and wonderful kitten I could ever have wished for. Thank you for having socialized her so to the point where no matter who comes into our home, so just loves on them. She is a great addition to our home!"

- Gina and Jewel from Spokane, WA

"Thanks for give me this baby. She is super sweet and we love each other a lot ."
- Di from Arcadia, CA

"Hi Nick. She is so beautiful. She is doing really well and is so adorable. 

Very calm. She is eating and drinking. We love her already."
- Ashley from Darian, CT    

"He's been doing so well here! Such a wonderful, sweet, social kitten. Vet said he was very healthy and has a beautiful face and coat. He uses his litter box perfectly and loves to sharpen his claws on his scratchers.  Also loves to talk. He is so, so loved!  Thank you, again!!"
- Stefanie from Vancouver, WA  

"Hi Tanya and Nick, Damian is so adorable and I will love him.:) Thanks for the suggestions. Sincerely,"
- Jane from Sunnyvale, CA                                                                                                                   

"Just wanted to say we made it back to NYC safe and sound. My baby girl is 
adjusting to the sounds of the city well. She was a little scared for a few hours
but now she's walking around like she's the queen of the apartment.  She is  such a snuggler! ... I want to say thank you again for raising a beautiful kitty.  She's so incredibly sweet and social.  Any time someone walks into the apartment she runs to greet them. All my best,"

- Maegan  from Astoria, NY

"Hi Nick- I am compelled to write you and tell you how thrilled we are with Nino. 
He exceeds my expectations. From the time I picked Nino up at the airport, he has been a warm, friendly, affectionate and extremely well behaved little boy. He is not shy or timid and follows us around like a little puppy. He is smart, clever and very social as you promised. Every one of our family or friends who meet him just love him- as he noticeably is not shy or afraid of them as new kittens tend to be. Thank you for what you have done to prepare him for family life. He fits in beautifully and we and everyone who meets him just adores him.  Best wishes,"  

-Peter  from Newburyport, MA

"Felix is doing fine. Chubby and lovely. We"re so in love in him. Such a good boy... and thanks for your advice on raw diet. Felix now healthy and softly just like a cotton ball."
-Van from San Jose, CA 

"Your Kitten is amazing, the best company and friend (I call him son, kkk). He is so so smart, affectionate, independent and handsome (he knows it is all this). He has a good health and loves play games. I am so Happy with him. Best Regards, Kisses..."
- Debora from Sao Paolo, Brazil
"Hello Nick and Tanya, Little Gina has been spayed last week and she is currently 
doing really good! She is purring all the time. Such a precious! I have a video of her to share. Gina is both shy and active. She loves to be pet and always purring even when we get closer to her.Thank you so much for this wonderful kitten! Very lovely addition to our home."

- Arden from Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                                                                                                        ​"Nick and Tanya, Thank you once again for all your hard work and the amazing cats you raise. We are very fortunate to know you!We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks!"
- Mike from Seattle, WA

"He is very energetic, still eats and drinks and uses the litter just fine... his appetite and energy is still normal and ... is healthy and a very affectionate boy. I think he’s a little lonely but I can’t have another cat anytime soon! He's very talkative. :) I don't take him outside as I'm in downtown."
- Victoria from Seattle, WA

"Jester is doing very well! I fed him raw chicken and turkey and he loves it. He purrs a lot when I pet him and he loves to play with teasers and lasers too. He is a happy kitten and bring me lots of joy. Thank you again for this perfect kitten! "

- Yilu from Corvallis, OR

"Hello Nick, I hope you are well.  Donatello is doing well and growing.  Regards,"
- Samina from Albany, NY

​"She is doing so well! She has been purring, playing, cuddling, and has been eating 
and going potty with no problems. She isn't shy at all. She left so well without crying 
last night"

- L.D.  from Los Angeles, CA

"We love Moses (we've changed his name ...). He's a treasure! We love him! Yes he's eating and drinking well! I got him iam grain free kitten food perfect portion. He's just adorable pouncing around after toys! He brightens my day :) Thank you "
- Wendie from Marysville, WA

"Hi Tanya and Nick,
We are writing to update you on Luciano. He’s such a sweetheart! We absolutely love 
his cuddly and warm personality, he definitely lights up the household. Thank you for 
this precious kitten ... He’s eating premium grain free wet food, and was liking it
just fine before...  he’s acting just fine, very playful and not lethargic. Thank you for sending me this information, we greatly appreciate your help as vets have not been of a lot of guidance. ... He seems to have really liked the Tiki Cat Food :), which we’re very happy about! Thanks again for your help,"
- Mina and Ali from Renton, WA

​"Hi Nick we just arrived to my home, their are amazing in this moment they are 
drinking water, an then they will eat something. Liam cries a little when I leave 
them alone, but between them they keep company, I'm letting them know each other 
little by little with my pets, when I'm with them I let them go through all the rooms, 
but when I go to work I prefer to leave them in my room, Liam is very big for his age... 
the kittens are very good, they have eaten a fresh food and Acana ( fish), they have 
hydrated and both are going to the bathroom, there is no need to worry, Liam has 
a lot of energy, all day, he is very agile. Neonella is calmer and she likes I brush her hair very much.Their are happy, now they are sleeping comfortable.
Thank for all your help! Regards, "

- Karla from Santiago, Chile

"Our baby boy is 8 months old and getting so big. He is such a love-able boy and is happiest when with my husband and I. He follows me around everywhere and absolutely loves when I let the water run in the sink for him to play with. He is spoiled rotten and is definitely the boss of our house!!"
- Samantha from Providence, RI

"Our kitten is just so wonderful. She seems to be growing quickly and is very 
affectionate. She’s definitely a good match for our family ... and she is receiving 
loads of love from our kids. I will send more photos as she develops. We have been so enamored with our kitten, Ahsoka! She plays fetch, climbs on our chest to sleep, greets us everywhere with chirps, and is just such a sweet girl. So, we are looking to adopt another girl kitten from you ... our kitten is doing well and had her first checkup and was determined she was a healthy cat. Thank you,"Thank you"

- Rebecca from Poulsbo, WA

"A long overdue update on Quasar (Xavier). He is such a sweet little fella... Quasar has fit right in with our two older cats and he has a great laidback personality. He loves to eat and has taken to eating raw really well. He loves lamb especially. He has tripled in size in just a little over two months. We are amazed at how fast he has grown. His coat is soft and plush. We just love Quasar so much! He is wonderful!  Thanks!"
- Judy & Terry Morgan  from Seattle, WA

"She eat a lots, three cans wet food per day... Her energy is great. She sleeps with her brother and me every night."

- Beauty from San Francisco, CA

"I picked up Donald from the airport today! He is very playful and I spent over an hour playing with him. He is meowing a lot probably hungry but he has yet to eat any of the food that came with the carrier. He seems wonderful, thank you! Yes he took a couple sips of water and ate as well. But after that he is under my bed. He seems to like being petted and he purrs and meows quite a bit."

-Theo from Rochester, NY

"Kitten is doing great! He is so sweet... Thanks!"
- Desiree​ from Lakeland, TN

 "Hi Nick, we made it home at 2am, and Celeste is doing amazingly great!! She eat and drink right back home, went in the litter box and play after!! We are so glad to have her here, she's beautiful and smart,  nothing more I can ask for!! Thank you for sharing this joy with us, she's such a little angel! As I mentioned, Celeste is getting a lot more strong, active and super playful, we try to spend sometime to play with her ... We love her so much, Greatly appreciate some opinions from you.  Thank you for all the information Nick."

May and Carl from Whittier, CA

"Hi Nick, We have just picked Quinlan up from the airport and at home now. 
Quinlan is a sweetheart we loved her already. 
She is adorable as I think. She likes to have skinship with us. And no yelling during driving back to home. She is a good girl. Thank you for your excellence care to Quinlan. She is so strong and healthy, her coat colour is amazing. Have a nice day. "

- K.L.M. from Hong Kong

"She is checking everything out and getting to know us slowly. She is very a very sweet kitty. We have Dixie and she is doing very well. "

- Vanda from Harkers Island, NC

"Hi Hick, I just wanted to let you know that all went smoothly. Your daughters are so sweet and resourceful. You must have learned about the predicament they faced when they could not board their scheduled flight. They were able to solve the  problem themselves, and arrive on time, that was amazing. Thank you for providing us with the health records.. You have been very professional throughout this transaction.  I am more than happy with my new babies, I adore them. You and your family did an amazing job of raising, and socializing them.  They have the sweetest temperaments, proving that you really know how to breed cats. I wish the best for you and your family, and continued success with Silver Tales Cattery. You will make a lot of peoples’ lives brighter with your darling kittens. Thank you."

- Bunny from L.A. 
"Hi there! Hope everything goes well! Oprah is very healthy and sweet! We spoil her so much that we never left her alone for a day since she lives with us ... Thanks a lot,"
-Yu from Boston, MA

" Hello, Xadrian was very quiet during our trip home, slept most of the time on the plane. Got home, used his new litter box, explored the whole house, played and went to sleep absolutely exhausted. he slept well throughout the night, ... he is very playful. Thank you and we'll keep you updated"
- Luminita from Peoria, AZ

"He made it safe and sound!  Thank you so much for him….we fell in love instantly!"
- Melinda from Brandon, SD

"She has settled in well and is doing great. Xylona has the most lovable personality that I have ever experienced in a cat. The showing for the vet and customs went smoothly.
Best regards,"

- Solfrid from Norway

"Hello! He is very sweet and purring all the time! Thank you,"
- Tatiana from  San Francisco, CA

"Hi Nick, Hope you are doing well! Thanks again for delivering the cat in person to us. We are very happy with Zane and he's getting along well with us and another cat.

- Min from San Mateo, CA

"Hello Nick and Tanya. First, I want to tell you how sweet and adorable our little Xenia is!! ... Hi again, thanks for your response regarding Xenia, you’ve given me a sense of relief as her appetite is very good and she’s very playful ... Thank you so much."
- Colleen from Burbank, CA

"Hi, I bought Paul from you a little less than a year ago.  He is doing really well and is a great cat.  Love him so much and he is really spoiled.  You can view some pictures of him through Instagram link.  In the future when I get a place with more room I would like to get him a buddy, so you may hear from me again. Regards,"
- Michelle from San Francisco, CA

"We just got her a little bit ago and she is so wonderful! Thanks so much!"

- Rachel  from Vashon, WA

"Hi Nick! Thank you so much for today's visit! Xenophon is so sweet and he has already become very comfortable with his new home. He had started exploring the new environment and is really playful after he got home. He is not hiding anywhere, which surprises me! He has already known how to use the litter box and water fountain. Thanks you so much for offering me such a sweet kitten!"

 - Shan from Seattle, WA

"She went to the litter box and used it. she looks very happy, but she "meows" a copule times. I think she might be missing you and her family. Yeah, and she is purrirng all the time. She is so playful. She is not nervous at all. She is a lot bigger now, really beautiful, and she has a perfect personality. She is always purring, never bites me or hurts me, and she follows me everywhere. She is eating very well. Thank you for letting me have this."

- Lu from Cupertino, CA

 "Hello Nick , It was an absolutely incredible experience with personal delivery of Professor and Artist . Thank you. We are so  happy to meet your beautiful daughters Lilia and Alisa.  It was truly unforgettable, memorable and wonderful moment when I saw them at the airport. Two beautiful girls with blue -green eyes, carrying a black case and an envelope . That was a movie scene.  5 star service. We are more than happy to have these kittens! Thank you . Professor is so much fun. He is in love with me . He is very attached to me. He jumps on my laps and he loves my hands.  Artist has more serious personality. Which is fine. Artist loves to be admired just by looking at him.  He is easterly beautiful kitten. He looks Royal. They both react when I call their  names. 
They are very smart. These kittens have a Dream life. They have their own bedroom. However they prefer to stay with me at night. They eat from crystal plates. They have two floors to run and play. They have pretty amazing life. I'm very happy.
Best Always, " 

- Marina from Malibu, CA

" Hi Nick.... this is Alice from Los Angeles and I just have got the kitten. She is a million times cuter than I have ever imaged. Thanks so much! ... Please be reminded that Sky has got (a) another round of vaccination and has been (b) examined today. In addition to routine tests for any medical condition (e.g., leukemia), the blood test also shows that she is perfectly healthy. She will get her Rabbis after another month. Thanks very much for bringing such a perfect angel to both my and Tyrion's lives. We do love her very much!"

- Alice from L.A.

" Mistry arrived, beautiful and very good in crate. Going home to new home for her.  Thank you"

​- Rebecca from Palm Springs, CA

" Hey, he is very happy, very loving. We’re over the top for him. Still in love with

him so cool."
- Doug and Maggie from Richmond, VA

" Just picked Istanbul! Everything went great! ...Our kitty is doing quite well!"
- Ken from Sarasota, FL

"Hi!  I wanted to touch base with you to let you know Helen has stolen our hearts! She is so sweet. … still a little shy but has played well...has been a little hesitant to eat today...but has used the litter box no problem! Thanks so much for all of your efforts to help ensure she was trained and well socialized!!! I'm sending a pic of my daughter meeting her at the airport yesterday. Helen is doing well and seems to be more comfortable with us each day. "

- Stephanie from W. Springs, IL

" Nick, just wanted to let you Xenia is the most beautiful and sweet kitty anyone could ask for!! Thank you again, we absolutely love her to pieces!! Warmly, "

- Colleen Hester from Burbank, CA

" Hi Nick. Just wanted to let you know that Richards eye is much better today.....no more discharge!  Thanks again for meeting us....he's a great kitten, using his box, very playful and loving!

- Alan from  Federal Way, WA

​"Hi Nick & Tanya,Hope this finds you well and having a good holiday time.
We just wanted to send you the latest picture of our two lovely Brits. They are so incredibly special and lighting up our lives. Thank you and wishing you a wonderful New Year. Warmly,"

- Vanessa & Ted from Valley Cottage, NY

"They are such a joy! They have very different personalities. It will be interesting to see how they mature. Otto is very verbal and is a great athlete. If there was an Olympic event for playing pole he would surely win. Affection is on his terms and he doesn’t hesitate to let us know when he wants it. Mac is sweet and inquisitive he is challenged by games like find the ball in the maze toys. Always following us around and wanting to just be near his humans. Boys are doing great. I have to say that we have never seem better personalities and temperaments on kittens. They have exceeded our expectations in EVERY way. They are truly amazing... Otto and Mac just completed their check ups and the vet says the are in great health and beautiful kittens. Thank you again for being so fantastic throughout the process. We can’t thank you enough for the work you do with them. They are well socialized and very happy boys.  "

- Lori from Dallas, TX

"Hello Nick,
I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful and sweet kitten, Symphony Portia.
I also want to thank you for all of your exceptional support and for sharing your knowledge as to the best way to bring a new kitten in to our home and life.
Your daughter Lilia did such a great job bringing her to us ...
She is settling in just perfectly!  She is eating and drinking great!  Using the litter box for number 1 & 2! So both ends are working perfectly!!! She fell asleep on my chest earlier.  And just woke up from another nap. I will keep you posted with pictures and progress."

- Celina, TX from Celina, TX

"Hi Nick and Tanya,
I just wanted to say "thank you" for everything you've done for Moriarty.
You guys are THE perfect cattery and we're glad that we picked you! Moriarty is so well behaved. I'm really happy that we picked him up at 16 weeks because he had time to socialize with family first. He's growing so fast already and we're really happy with our addition to the family, he also has some really interesting traits like licking your hands while you're petting him. We're already contemplating on getting another brother or sister kitten (from you, of course!) for Moriarty to play with.
Let's keep in touch and we'll be sure to reach out if we have any questions.
Again, thank you so much. Warmest regards,"

- Vivienne from Atlanta, GA

"Hi! I just received the kitten! He is nervous haha! But everything is ok. Thank you! ...
He is wonderful!

- Kayla from Saginaw, MI

"Hello Nick, Just want to let you know I am very happy with the kitten so far.  He's been doing very well since he arrived.  He has some diarrhea which is probably caused by eating too many different types of food and over eat.  He eats the Gerber chicken, Royal Canin, Whole Life Chicken treats, Dr. Elsey Turkey and Liver.  He not only eats his own food, but also eats what ever is in my female cat's bowl.  He is very friendly and fearless.  My older cat hissed and growled at him so many times, but it doesn't seem to bother him at all and he keeps trying to show his friendliness to her.  I hope my older cat will accept him soon.  He loves to play with my three-year old toddler which is a surprise as my older cat are always afraid of my daughter... Thank you"
- Cady from Anaheim, CA

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for raising a sweet and beautiful and healthy kitten.  I did name him Frankie after Frank Sinatra. We must have been on the same page with singers names. He is adjusting very well. Yesterday he stayed on my bed or close to. By the time I got home from work today he started exploring his new space and running around playing. Sometimes he gets a little skittish but it’s only  for a short period of time. He is eating and drinking well and no issues with him using his litter box other than getting used to the self cleaning one.  This evening he ate a large portion of wet food and drank lots of water after running around playing.  I just wanted you to know that he is living in a healthy, happy home with his new mom who couldn’t love him more. Thank you so much!!!"
- Brandy  from Bethesda, MD

"Hi Nick, Thank you for these helpful suggestions!
Onika is adjusting to the new environment. She just started to eat from later today, one meal this evening and another meal tonight, about 1/4 can of food for each meal. She also drank quite a lot of water. She is very active and keep playing with us and her toys, and doesn’t meow a lot… Onika is getting used to the new environment very quickly… She has become super active, climbing and running, since later today. Also, she is asking for our cuddling and look very relax and enjoyed when being cuddled and touched. She is such a sweet kitten! Thanks again! I will keep you updated."

​- Daniel from Boston, MA

​"Hi Nick and Tanya, Just an update about Orlando:
... I have really bonded with him. He sleeps like a baby in my arms for hours at a time.
He eats and plays like a normal kitten every day. He has no hesitations about exploring and climbing the condos. When I run errands he is limited to the master bedroom and bath. He is never alone when exploring. Thank you again for the the most precious kitten imaginable!! Sincerely,"

- Anne from Henderson, NV

"...  I hope that I am not bothering you with too many emails. I'm sure it will taper off as we are well on our way with kitty, but it is nice to know that you are there with any concerns or questions. I really appreciate that about Silvertales. Keesha is coming around, much to our relief. As I type to you, she is snoozing in my lap of her own volition. Thank you for sharing about her mother's personality; that really helped. Her vet appt. on Monday went well..."
- Susie from Redding, CA

​"Hello Nick, We love our new kitten so much - Inga (we have named her Lucy) is the sweetest girl ever! ... Thank you!"
- Donielle from Olympia, WA 

"Norton is doing splendidly! He was immediately purring and loving upon getting home yesterday, alternating between being very snuggly and exploratory. He started eating and drinking ~2 hours after getting home. We've been holding and petting him pretty much non-stop and he nuzzles into our faces and purrs very loudly. ... Other than that he slept on my shoulder most of the night and seems very sweet and very happy. I've attached a picture from the nap he took with me last evening "

​-Isabel from NYC

​"Hi Nick, I just wanted to let you know that Elyse and Ian are doing great. They have adjusted to our house and are loving all the attention! Thanks so much,"
- Burnett from Snoqualmie, WA

"I have pick up kitten and arrived at home safely. So far she is doing good, it just take more time for her to familiar with  new home. I am so glad that she always use her litter box. I mixed some raw chicken meat with wet can food for her. It seems like she like it..."
- Jiahui from Norwalk, CT

"Yes, she arrive safely yesterday at 6pm, and has been eating and drinking well. She is such a sweet girl – thank you so much for sending her. Best,"
- Elaine from Palo Alto, CA

"Hi Nick & Tanya! 
We already got baby Harold (now Baby Leo) he is BEYOND ADORABLE AND SO SWEET I was expecting a fearful cat but he has been amazingly beautiful!!!! We are in love already with him! Thank you for this beautiful kitty!!! He is so, but so handsome! 
Have a great weekend! And million thanks again! Best regards"

- Zena & Joe Alame from Burbank, CA

"She doing very good with her brother, no fight anymore, sleep together. Her weight is higher than before. She ate 2 1/2 cans food and some dry food per day. Everything going to better way."

- Beauty from San Francisco, CA

" We are loving our Tallulah! She has this unbelievable personality that just does not stop. Her favorite game is peekaboo, but loves being on the screened porch as well as playing in water. I’m attaching a few photos for you to see how she has developed. Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family."

​- Kim from Tupelo, TX

"She has a wonderful loving disposition and is a very brave kitty. Ahsoka loves her too! They are both gorgeous cats. "

​- Rebecca from Poulsbo, WA

"Hey! She's good, she's a little scared so we're just giving her some time to adapt to the new place. She's found a comfortable spot in the bathroom and we put food and her little box and toys in there so she can get used to one spot and then she will start to get used to the other areas of the house. She's drinking some water but has not been super hungry. She's used her litter box"

​- Daniel from Miami, FL

"They are both really wonderful! Jasmina gets better every day, and the two of them love to play and chase each other round the apartment. Lucca is like a little puppy, so attached, and so friendly. A real love! Jasmina is very spirited, loves to climb higher and higher. They’ve taken over the place! Love, love, love ‘em both!"

- Veronica from Charlotte, NC

"He made it safe and sound!  ...Thank you so much for him….we fell in love instantly!
He is turning into a handsome little guy!"

- Melinda from Brandon, SD

"Hi Nick, Thank you for checking-in. Leysan is adjusting fine. We arrived home late, 10:30pm. She ate little at first, but after a few hrs had had 1/4C of kibble and drinking water ok and had a bowel movement. She knows her litter box.  She purs when petted. The Meowings was mostly at the airport. She’s still a bit timid at times but is exploring our place for spaces to hide yet she has slept on our couch comfortably while we watch tv. We bring her to the vet this afternoon for her 1st wellness exam. I’ll keep you posted.  She’s absolutely adorable! You and your family have done an excellent job! Regards,"

- Nerissa from SF Bay Area

"Dear Nick, Saphire is doing great since arrival. We are very happy with her. I hope Irena had a good trip back too. I just have few questions about Saphire... She is very energetic and eats good. Does not look like sick kitten... Thank you,"
- Dominka from Sebring, FL

"Hello Nick and Tanya. Hope you are doing well. We are having a great time with Octavius and really enjoy seeing him grow up. Best Regards,"
- Divyaa from Detroit, MI

"We just picked up Quinell! He is amazing and playful. Thank you for taking such good care of him. He is Eating, drinking, and using the litter box okay."

- Thien from New Orleans, LA

"Antonio is doing great. We’ve played with him a few times and he’s been napping, eating & using the litter box."

​- Candida from Seattle, WA

"Just wanted to show what a handsome young man our kitty Egg has become!
Stay safe and healthy~"

- Samantha from Marysville, WA

​"Right now she is good, ate and drink, play some games, exploring everywhere ..."

​- Paul from Fishkill, NY

"We have received Bubbles. She reached safely. She's really beautiful & playful. Thank you"

- Vinay from Dallas, TX

"We got the Balaboni about 2.5 hours ago. We had an hour long ride home from the airport. He did good in the carrier. Never cried or meowed. Just mostly turned his back to us. He came out of his carrier about half an hour ago. He ate a little and went in the litter box."

- Mary from Salem, OR

"Got him, it's all good. Today we went to the vet. The cat is wonderful, very playful and active. Gradually gets used to the new environment. Soon we will take the first steps to get acquainted with our Dexter. Thank you very much, Nicholas, for our little lion cub!" 

-Elena from Miami, FL

"​Hi SilverTales, I have picked up Chowder from the airport and he is great. We are very excited to have him as the new family member."

​- Ou from Sherman Oaks, CA

"Just got the boy, he is so cute! Thank you so much!"

- Mu from Irvine, CA

"​Hi Nick. I received him. Thank you so much for sending me this little angel. Thanks again"

- Sam from Queens, NY

"Hi! I just got him today and he is getting used to the place. "

- Sammie from Hercules, CA

​"Hibiscus made it to her new home safely! Thank you so much she is already exploring "

- Bailey from Columbus, OH

"Hi Nick. Leonardo "Leo" is making great progress getting used to his new home.
My daughter slept in the kitchen with him last night to separate him from the Frenchies. He ate, drank and used the litter box right away with no issues. He is playing like a champ and has started bonding. This morning he began showing an interest in his brother Frenchie through the gate when we pulled back the blanket; I know they will ultimately be great friends. Thank you for raising such a well-adjusted kitten who is absolutely beautiful with a fantastic personality. Leo is a dream and we love him very much.  Leo is now sleeping and playing with his Frenchie siblings! So adorable; he is a very happy, loved and well adjusted little man.  Thank you! All best,"

- Katrina from Seattle, WA

"She is eating really well and drinking going to the cat box and playing..."

- Rebecca from Shallotte, NC

"Zima is so cute and energetic!"

- Chloe from Newton, MA

"Hi Nick. I just wanted to let you know we made it home to Arizona safe and sound and Fiona did great traveling! She is such a sweet and well-adjusted kitten. We stopped every 4-5 hours for her to play and drink water/eat a little. No accidents or health issues.  We went to the vet this morning and she is in perfect health. Of course, all of the vets and staff just instantly love her and had to get a good look at how cute she is when word got out. She will be spoiled for sure! Thank you and your family again for taking such good care of her. All best,"
- Laura from Flagstaff, AZ

"Yvelle arrived safely. She’s out and about and playing with everyone. So sweet and beautiful."

- Francine from Ramsey, NJ

"Hi Nick!  Kittens are doing great with us! I’ve got one on my lap as I type "
- Carrie  from Seattle, WA

"He is eating, drinking, playful, and energetic, ... He is out for the night. thank you very much."

- Leona from Glennwood, WA

"I just want to give you a quick update on Xanthippe. She is doing very well at her new home, spending lots of energy with her toys and following me wherever I go. Best,"
- Shawn from Medford, MA

"... my family including my mom and niece all think  she is the prettiest kitten we've seen and she has such a sweet temperament..."

- Heather from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"He’s absolutely perfect. Thank you again"

- Ciara from Ft. Meyers, FL

"Hello, update on Bella.  She is the most affectionate kitten we have ever seen.  She has bonded with me totally and we are enjoying every day together.  Thanks again!"

- Patricia from Whitefish, MT

"Sasha turned one year old today....She is such a loving, playful and beautiful cat. I love her very much and will continue to take good care of her."

​- Evelyn from Ellicott City, MD

" The boy is home now. Still adjusting the new home. He looks even better than he was in the pictures and videos. Thank you!"

​- Stephanie from Staten Island, NY

"We received Casablanca a couple hours ago and just wanted to thank you for SilverTales Cattery's 100% care and love that you guys put into, with your kittens! Along with such a smooth and professional transaction. Casablanca has lit up everyone's eyes and hears that came with us on the road trip. We are looking forward to getting another kitten with you guys again soon. For my daughter and her husband. We'll be waiting for your new kittens. Thank you so much"
- Emmy from Las Vegas, NV

"Dear Nick and Tanya, just letting you know Pippa has arrived at her new home! Nice girl indeed! Still pretty active. We have a first time wellness checkup for her at the Vet's tomorrow morning."

- Muzhi from Sunnyvale, CA

"Dear Nik and Tanya, I wanted to send you a photo of Coffee, who we purchased from you about five or maybe six years ago ....  and you sent her to me via plane.  I am not sure you remember.  It was a long time ago!  :) Coffee is the absolute light of our lives and we love her with all our hearts.  We are so grateful to you.  Kindest best"
- Gigi from Brunswick, ME

"Hi Nick - she is doing well so far! ... loves to play and get scratches... I had to mix in a little bit of canned to get her to eat, and then she ate willingly. She did eat a couple dry treats and freeze dried chicken treats too. She had a bit of water and used her litter box once. She has a couple favorite toys already and slept well all night in her little wool cocoon bed. She also loves my boyfriend and follows him around. It’s really sweet, and we love her SO much already. Thank you so much for bringing this little angel into our family "

- Madi from Redwood City, CA

"Hi Nick, Thanks for checking in. We’re helping Queena to adjust. So far it goes well.  … Litter wise, she uses litter box for about 4-5 times so far. Since she’s new to the environment and not familiar with the house, I have to put her in the litter box every time she finishes eating or when I see her digging. She’s smart. She knows how to dig, sit and cover after using restroom. She meows not as much, but is interested in toys and wires/ cords. She’s trying to bite and chew on the wires she sees. Regards,"
- Athena from Palo Alto, CA

"Hi Nick, Quinnlee is with me right now. She is gorgeous and playful. Thank you so much! Best,"
- Felicity from San Francisco, CA

"Poppy's great, very loved! … she quickly adapted. She's very friendly, active, curious, fussy about toys (her favorite is some weird looking shinny octopus on a string, … not fussy about food at all (varied dry and wet, enjoyed most of them with maybe one or two exceptions)."

​- Mihai from Woodinville, WA

"Hi! We are feeding her the food you recommended, and she is super playful. Her behavior seems normal and she eats around 3 times a day. We are planning to start giving her wet food too. We got her a water fountain with filter which she loves to drink from. ....Thank you so much! We love her so much and she is sooo sweet. Thank you guys for your professionalism and it was an overall great experience working with you. Thank you!"

- Saeed from Reston, VA

"We are home with her and she is such a sweetheart. She was clean in her carrier and so calm. She's happy and playing now . Thank you for everything! She's perfect." 
- Courtney  from Douglasville, PA

"I just wanted to let you know. He did, he actually did great in the car. He meowed for quite a while... And then he stopped and he just settled in and kind of launched around in the kennel. Anyway. He's beautiful. And we're really excited to have added them to our family. Thanks. Bye."

- Caroline from Eagle, ID

​"Nick, She arrived on time and seems to have weathered the trip well. We just made it home and she has already discovered the litter box, has eaten some food, and is playing with her new toys. I’ll keep you updated as she settles in. No issues at the vet, very happy & healthy.  She has settled in very well and we are just having so much fun with her. She’s a momma girl and I couldn’t be more thrilled or more in love with her. Thank you so so much for this precious addition to our family"
- Susan from Port St. Lucie, FL

"How are you doing? We have the most lovely kittens we got from you back in January 2020 ...They are both the best kittens we could have wished for! Daisy is very sweet, independent, and shy. She likes her fair share of alone time, but we are in love with her! Darcy is incredibly social, cuddly, and easy-going. We always say "he just likes to be involved", as he'll sit next to you, just for company. We are so excited because we are looking for a new kitten!! Thank you so much"
- Mary-Elise from panama City, FL

"Hi Nick! I previously purchased Dynamo from you and am absolutely in LOVE with cats now!!! I have been eyeing other kittens for my future so Toby (Dynamo’s new name) can have a bestie and was keeping my eye on waiting for one that looks like Thanks,"

- Res  from Cypress, CA

"​Dear Nick, I hope you are doing well. He regained his hair and will be one year later this month. He is the most loving and good nature kitten. He is doing great. Regards,"

- Nancy from Bellevue, WA

"Hey Nick, hope all is well; My name is Danny I am a previous customer and adopted one of your kittens just about a year ago. We love the new addition to our home and we’re wanting to possibly adopt another kitten."

- Danny from Anaheim, CA

"Hello, Willoughby is doing wonderfully, she is a delight! She has adjusted seamlessly to her new home, new people and her new friends. Great breed for sure. I will be back for another when the time comes. Thank you"

- Kristin from Richmond, VA

 " they are doing great! Growing like weeds and love to play! Such sweet boys! "

- Carrie from Seattle, WA

" Hi!! We got her safe and sound! Just wanted to send a quick message to let you know!! Almost home, we absolutely love her so much! Most beautiful kitten ever and so sweet Just wanted to give you an update, this little darling is by far the sweetest baby I have ever had! We love her so much!! Thank you again!! 
Thank you so much!!!"

- Crystal from Kimberly, ID

"Hi Nick! 
Just wanted to email you and let you know my parents have picked up Dara and she is so perfect! Thank you so much for all of your help and cooperation!"
- Sofia from Lubbock, TX

"Hi Nick, It was so nice meeting you, Tanya and Lily. Arian and Armani are doing well. They are so cute and playful. They seem very happy in their new home. We love them! It has been a very pleasant experience. Thank you!"
- Nicole from Redmond, WA

"I got Dangelo, he didn’t arrive until 1:40am and didn’t get him until 3:00am it was tiring, but totally worth it!! He is beautiful and my son got his cat for his birthday just on time!! Thank you so much!!"
- Gabriela from Delray Beach, FL

"Hi Nick. Zen is transitioning well and we’re all so happy she’s finally here. 
- Suzy from Oregon city, OR

​"Hi, Yana  is doing super well. The vet said she looks great, is healthy. She’s settling in super well and is an energetic, friendly, and beautiful little kitten. Her favorite toy is her big sister’s poofy tail. Thank you guys so much for a little kitty and I’ll be in touch in the new year! "
- Eleanor from Salt Lake City, UT

"Good Afternoon. We picked up Armando last night and wow he is so cute. He started using the litter box last night and he slept with us last night. He is perfect thank you guys so much. Thank you guys again so much we are having so much fun with him."
- Caleb , Mankato MN

"Nick. Just wanted to let you know that Darius arrived safely on Friday.  He is eating and drinking well, and peeing and pooping in his litter box. He is even cuter in person!  My family loves him very much and he is already bringing us much joy-thank you!"
- Jeanette from Long Island City, NY

"He’s doing well and we’re loving that he’s a part of our family. All the best,"
- Candida from Seattle, WA 

"Hello Nick, Colton arrived and really likes his new home. He will be very loved. 
Thank you very much for everything! "

- Desi  from orange, CA

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