What cat breeds do you raise and do not raise?

We currently raise British Shorthair and Longhair cats with silver shaded coat and medium size of body. These breeding lines were developed  about 35 years ago, and successfully established in many European countries. You can view these cats in our gallery or separately. We do not raise Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Tabby and other colors of British cats.

Why should we choose this breed?

You do not have to . There are other cat breeds around. We chose this specific breed because our felines carry beauty and luxury.

Do you have a waiting list to reserve a kitten?

Yes. We are looking forward to a few litters in the near future.  We have a waiting list if you want one reserved for you. . Contact us with your request and other  questions you may have in mind.

Do our cats cause allergies in humans?

British Shorthair and Longhair cats produce fewer allergens than any other breeds. It is not proven by science, but recent studies and statistics tell. No breed is totally non-allergic, however these cats lower the risk of an allergic reaction in humans significantly.
It is important to note that only purebred cats are considered to be hypoallergenic. If you are looking to adopt a British Shorthair or Longhair  cat to reduce the risk of experiencing an allergic reaction to your cat, it is essential to make sure that the breeder can provide a pedigree that proves its purity. The pedigree is the only reliable evidence of the genealogy of an animal.

What kind of cat litter do you use and what is the difference?

Generally there are 3 well known types of cat litter : natural clay ( not clumping), clumping litter, and clumping crystals. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. Normally, we use the second type manufactured by FreshSteps. Robotic/Automatic Self Cleaning Machine is another great option .

Unscented cat litter is greatly accepted by many cats vs scented one.

Are your cats micro chipped?

​Yes. It is unlikely that our cats will get lost, but things happen. Every vet clinic in our town has our cat information in their database that really helps to get them identified easily.

Is there any good reliable way to groom cats at home?

Yes, there is. Protea set, PetPaw, and T-Brushes will do the job. In fact, regular brushing helps the skin to renew the cat's fur more quickly and make the coat to feel thick and look shiny.

Is it really hard to take care of the longhair coats? 

Much easier than taking care of Persians. British Longhairs require less hair maintenance as far time and frequency to do that. Just remember, no matter how often you brush them (daily or weekly), please, do this regularly to achieve better results in the hair coat appearance.


Are your cats registered?

Our felines are TICA  (The International Cat Association) registered as purebred British Shorthair and British Longhair. In addition, our cats accompanied with registration certificates issued by WCF  Cat International Club. These felines were imported from respectable and registered catteries  in Europe.

How much do your kittens cost?

The price itself depends on the quality of each kitten.

Do you ship kittens within United States?

Absolutely yes. We may arrange a delivery for you if you are unable to pick up  your pet from us.  Shipping by PetSafe Air Cargo ( Delta Airlines, United Airlines, or American Airlines) to your nearest major airport within  U.S.  is available for the rate of $385 which includes an Airline Approved pet carrier with a metal door, all required documentation, soft bedding/padding, water/food tray, and food supply. 

​Are you offering personal delivery?

We offer personal delivery to your home via car or plane for an additional fee. This is the most suitable way for the kitty since the animal is under our best care during the transport.

Can you ship a kitten to Canada or overseas?

We do ship kittens from Seattle to Canada by United Airlines PetSafe Cargo. State Official Vet Health Certificate and Rabies shot are mandatory for the kitty to be boarded on the plane that costs some extra. There are some more government requirements for cats going to Europe, South America, Asia, and Oceania, and Countries with various restrictions for imported pets. Please, contact us for a shipping quote to your country. 

Do you ship animals to Europe, South America, or Asia? 

Yes. Just let us know where the kitten will be going and we will get back to you with a quote.

There are some government requirements and restrictions for imported pets . We will try to provide a reasonable rate for you. 

If we reserve a kitten from you, what is the deposit amount and forms of payment?

$500 will hold a furry baby for you until he or she is ready for your new home. We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Venmo, Money order, Cashier's check, bank deposit and cash.

Are there any good cat trees around?

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of cat trees available on the market now, there are only a few  of them that are good right out of the box.

Unless you decide to go with custom made cat trees (much better, but pricey), please, keep in mind several factors when choosing a cat tree at store or on-line retailers:built quality, design, hight, room/other existing furniture color match, thickness of sisal rope,  and other factors are involved while choosing a cat tree. Furhaven Furniture Condo, Cat Exercise Wheel and PetFusion Cat Activity Post are good choices. 

Is the contract required to purchase a kitten ?

Signing a purchase agreement is a standard procedure in buying cats​. It is a legal document that protects both parties.

How do you feed your kittens and cats?

Please, refer to FEEDING and FEEDING SCHEDULE to find the right answer. 

What kind of de-wormer do you use and how often? 

Our adult cats get anti-parasitic treatment twice a year, and kittens are de-wormed more often.
We use Pyrantel Pamoate, Panacur, Drontal, and some other effective drugs orally to control internal parasites.

Are your kittens litter and scratch post trained?

This is correct. Majority of kittens learn how to do that from their moms while staying with them for the first two months of their life.

PetFusion cat scratcher works very well.

How do you prevent fleas and earmites in cats?

External parasites are not common, but constant preventive treatment with Advantage II, Revolution, Frontline+, and Fenbendazole keeps our furry friends free of any unwanted skin guests.

When is the kitten is ready to go to a new home?

Generally, registered kittens are ready for a new home when they reach the age of 12 weeks . The last shots of  FVRCP ( 3-way) vaccination are given withing that age. However, we can hold kittens a little longer if you or your place is not ready for them. Please, let us know if something is not going as you planned first.

What are the colors of your cats?

Our cats fur appears to look white or off-white ending with silver tips of the hair at the end. Our cats have light blue, soft-blue, sky-blue, or sapphire-blue eyes. All of our kittens will have blue eyes for the entire life unless specified.

It's hard knowing what to do when you're about to adopt. But, we make this process even easier when you adopt with us, because we have answered the most frequently asked questions or concerns you and your family might have on introducing your newest pal to the family.