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What exact age I can adopt a young kitten?

Our kittens are eating solid foods, using a litter box and scratch post, playing a lot with siblings and toys, and no longer depending on their mom by the age of 8 weeks.  It is highly suggested that kittens go to the new pet owners right after 8 weeks of age, unless there are any reasons why the kitten may not be ready. This age is somewhat critical for socialization and bonding with people to achieve valuable results, Waiting longer is not beneficial for kittens or their new owners. This age period is also one of the most important times too build treasured memories with. They are like babies and at 8 weeks, these kittens basically imprint on their new owners and adjust faster. They grow up with their new family’s and learn easier. We are basing this on our previous experience of raising and adopting many kittens who now happily live with their new owners. We may also keep some kittens a little longer if they need more time to adjust from their mothers to perfect litter box etiquette, independence and bonding with people. If this applies to your kitten, we will notify you immediately when your kitten is ready to go home. We pride ourselves in only sending the most beautiful, healthy and well-behaved kittens at the right age to their home.

​What cat breeds do you raise and do not raise?

We currently raise British Shorthair and Longhair cats with  shaded coat and medium size of body.  Most common colors are:  black silver shaded (green eyes), black golden shaded (green eyes),  blue golden shaded (green eyes), seal silver shaded point (blue eyes), seal golden shaded point (blue eyes), lilac golden shaded (green eyes), chocolate golden shaded (green or golden green eyes).

What exact eye color the kitten will have? 

Majority of younger kittens have baby blue eyes . Pigmentation process takes a while until  permanent eye color is set when cats are fully matured.


Why should we choose this breed?

You do not have to . There are several other  cat breeds around. We chose this specific breed because  we think our felines carry beauty and luxury. Personality of british breeds is also unbeatable.

Do you have a waiting list to reserve a kitten?

Please, check our kittens page first. If we do not have any available kittens at this moment, then we are looking forward to a few litters in the near future. Contact us with your request and other questions you may have in mind.

Do your cats cause allergies in humans?

British shorthair and longhair cats of our breeding lines are somewhat hypoallergenic. For people with allergies, many customers who have adopted our cats have stated that they are less affected, if even at all, by our cats. The pet dander (if any) could be even more controlled with regular grooming, as in giving the cat a bath more frequently. The good thing that there are ways to lower or eliminate  the risks of allergic reaction.

What kind of cat litter do you use and what is the difference?

Generally there are four well known types of cat litter : pine shavings, natural clay ( not clumping), clumping litter, and clumping crystals. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.                     Robotic/Automatic Self Cleaning Machine is another great option . Unscented cat litter is greatly accepted by many cats vs scented one.

Are your cats and kittens micro chipped?

​Yes. All adults are micro chipped. It is unlikely that our cats will get lost, but things happen. Every vet clinic in our town has our cat information in the database that really helps to get them identified easily. We also microchip all kittens unless told by the customer not to beforehand.

Is there any good reliable way to groom cats at home?

Yes, there is. High quality brushes and combs will do the job. In fact, regular daily brushing helps the skin to renew the cat's fur more quickly and make the coat to feel thick and look shiny.

Is it really hard to take care of the longhair coats? 

Majority of British Longhairs cats have semi-long hair, but there are some requirements for the hair maintenance as far as time and frequency to do that. Just remember, no matter how often you brush them (daily or weekly), please, do this regularly to achieve better results to improve hair coat appearance.

Do you offer any breeding adults or kittens with breeding rights? 

We do offer this option of keeping the cat intact with the intention of breeding for an additional fee. Please, click to learn more about the terms and conditions. Breeding rights cannot be applied for those buyers who reside in WA State. Feel free to ask any questions you have in mind.

Do kittens ever get sick?

Kittens have a lower immunity than adult cats due to being a new living organism. Through time and exposure to outside world kittens gain a stronger immunity. In some cases, this immunity is built through viral sickness. This is equivalent to humans as the babies and toddlers are more likely to be susceptible to colds.

Is my kitten that I am buying or reserving from your cattery, a result of inbreeding?

We do not practice inbreeding. We are against any act of incest. You can be assured that the parents of your kitten are unrelated to each other. Upon your request, we can provide you a pedigree and DNA test of the parents in case of any doubt.

Is there any way for cats not to shed?

Yes and No.  All cats  that have fur do shed. There is no way to eliminate shedding fur, unless you get a hairless cat like Sphynx. Instead of shedding they produce an oil off their skin including dandruff. So typically there is no way to avoid shedding of fur or other substances.  

Is the contract required to purchase a kitten ?

Signing a purchase agreement is a standard procedure to buy a kitten​. It is a legal document that protects both parties. Our kittens come with signed spay/neuter agreement if sold as pets.  Please, click here to learn more about the terms of the purchase contract. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What should be expected when adult cats move into a new home?

Fully grown cats may need more time to get used to a new place. Although younger kittens get adjusted to new surroundings from a few days to a few weeks, it takes longer for adults like from a few weeks to a few months depending on each cat. Adult cats become territorial as they grow and they do not like sudden changes. In addition, fully matured cats may require more time to bond with people in a new household. In fact, adult cats that were breeding cats have somewhat different behaviors in their temperament/habits which start to change by a little after neutering and spaying. 

Why are longhair kittens are born from shorthair parents?

When parents are shorthairs, and both carry long hair genes which are dominant in cats, then longhair kittens can be born in the same litter.

Are there any other tests done in your cattery that may determine cats health?

Blood draw for "CBC test" is also performed annually for every breeding cat who lives with us. Of course, these results may not show everything that applies to a cat, but it is very helpful and handy to have in order to prevent various disorders in the long run.

Are your cats registered?

Our felines are TICA  (The International Cat Association) and WCF (World Cat Federation) registered as purebred British Shorthair and British Longhair. All our cats accompanied with registration certificates  and pedigrees.

How much do your kittens cost?

Kittens are not the same. They differ from each other, so prices may vary depending on color, gender, appearance, and demand. Please, contact us to get current pricing .

Do you ship kittens within United States?

Yes. We can assist in order to ship a kitten if you are unable to pick up from our location. Shipping by Pet Air Cargo  to your nearest major airport within U.S. is available for the rate of $495 which includes an Airline approved pet carrier with a metal door, all required documentation, bedding, water/food tray and food supply. Since travel expenses  continue to rise due to  increased Airlines Cargo rate, it could be reflected in rate adjustments.

​Are you offering personal delivery?

We offer personal delivery to your home via car or plane for an additional fee. This is the most suitable way for the kitty since the animal is under our best care during the transport. Delivery in person to Seattle area is free on days of our choice.

Can you ship a kitten to Canada or Hawaii ?

Yes. We do ship or deliver our kittens to Canada or Hawaii. Some additional docs are mandatory for the kitty to be boarded on the plane and may costs some extra .  

Do you ship animals to Europe, South America, or Asia ? 

Yes. We do ship and deliver overseas as well. Just let us know where the kitten will be going and we will get back to you with a quote. There are some government requirements and restrictions for imported pets . We will try to provide a reasonable rate for you.

If we reserve a kitten from you, what is the deposit amount and forms of payment?

A non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold a little one for you until he or she is ready for your new home. If you do not want to lose an opportunity to get your dream kitten, a reservation deposit can be paid now. In this case, you would have an option for first or second pick from upcoming litters (short or long haired, boy or girl, silver or golden, with blue or green eyes, etc.) Basically, a kitten you prefer. Deposit payments are accepted made by Credit Card, After pay, Zelle, Venmo, Money order, Cashier's check, bank deposit or cash. Kittens are available to other buyers if no deposit funds are received.

Based on Google research, is this a really true that white cats with blue eyes are likely to be deaf?

False. Google does not raise kittens. People who have never had or never dealt with raising cats of these breeds and colors may publish so much untruthful 

info. It is like fake news in politics . We never had any deaf cat yet and will never offer you a kitten with hearing loss. 

Is it safe to take a cat to a vet clinic or a grooming salon?

The veterinary clinic and grooming place is a ground place for hospital acquired illnesses from various microorganism due to numerous visits throughout the day  from all types of pets. We highly recommend you to first check out  based on the cleanliness, sterilization and disinfection habits.  Also, we suggest coming in for the earliest appointment where the cat/kitten is less likely to catch anything even through airborne microorganism or contaminated piece of hair which could be in the air. Overnight the offices are cleaned thoroughly. many places that are closed on the weekends give time for most harmful organisms to die off within the two-day frame. We highly recommend to bring in your pet on a Monday at the earliest possible appointment after a closed office two-day weekend. 

What else can we learn about SilverTales cattery?

We are not beginner hobbyists, but designer breeders and have done this professionally for many years. 
Meaning we mainly focus on pairs that will produce high quality kittens. Generally, a breeders main goal is to improve financially but our passion is to breed a new generation of beautiful British long/short hair kittens. We put in extensive research into each cats lineage and pair traits that will produce our kittens, equally for healthy and beautiful genetics. We also focus on the condition of every kitten that comes home too you, mentally and physically. We have pride in our feline family and only allow perfection for our customers. Each kitten needs to be friendly and socialized so there is no problem for them to adjust to their new home and family. This includes friendliness towards other cats and people, litter box etiquette and general things like scratching or playing. Physically, each kitten comes home to you healthy. Under USDA certification, we have a full-time veterinarian who tracks each kittens growth and health, so when they come home to you, you should not experience health problems. In fact, we test our breeding cats regularly for common/ genetic diseases to make sure they are not carriers of many potential issues and avoid incest/ inbreeding which involves mating cats related to each other.

Are there any good cat trees around?

There are hundreds and hundreds of cat trees available on the market. Unless you decide to go with custom made cat trees (much better, but pricey), please, keep in mind several factors when choosing a cat tree at store or on-line retailers: built quality, design, height, room/other existing furniture color match, thickness of sisal rope,  and other factors are involved while choosing a cat tree. 

What type of preventative care of parasites  and how often? 

Our adult cats get anti-parasitic treatment twice a year, and kittens are de-wormed more often. We administer vet approved non-toxic drugs or other products with less toxicity to take care of internal and external parasites. We want to see our cats and kittens healthy.

Are your kittens litter and scratch post trained?

Correct. Majority of kittens learn how to do that from their moms while staying with them for the first two months of their life.

When is the kitten is ready to go to a new home?

Generally, registered kittens are ready for a new home when they reach the age of 8-10 weeks.  However,  we can hold kittens a little longer if you or your place is not ready for them. Please, let us know if something is not going as you planned first. 
For example,  if kittens are born in February ,they may go to a new home  in April. We spend a whole second month with every kitten, and work with boys and girls individually. Socializing is important. Third month is also very critical as far as observing the kitten’s health to make sure there is nothing that our little babies may be suffering from.

What are the colors of your cats?

The fur in silver shaded cats appears to look white or off-white ending with silver tips of the hair at the end. Golden shaded cats have similar color combination.  Our cats have light blue, soft-blue, sky-blue, sapphire-blue, emerald green, golden green, teal, or mint eyes. All of our kittens will have blue or green eyes for the entire life unless specified.

​How have you socialized your kittens? 

Four weeks after birth each kitten is held, pet, played with and in contact with our family members on a daily basis. 

What you can tell about health and mortality for your cats? 

​British breeds belong to the top of healthiest breeds of cats with minimum health issues and extended longevity  with proper feeding and care.

Why can’t I see my reservation immediately on the website?

When we update our website, it does take a few hours to process, leaving a bit of time where the kitten is still marked available. Don’t worry, we no longer consider the kitten available during those few hours. This little time delay also affects all other updates we put on the website, like new information. We also cannot reply to unsent emails or text messages, so if you are trying to get a hold of us, please make sure everything went through. We want to hear from you!

​Am I considered racist if I prefer a specific color of fur or eye on a cat?

This is a question we receive fairly often.  These are cats. Adopting a pet with a specific coloring is just a choice of preference of one color to another and has nothing to do with anything else. We never judge any person for any specific color or markings in cats they like more or less. 

How healthy your adult cats?

We keep and breed only healthy cats. This is very important for us and more than important for the customers who choose a baby from the healthy beeding pair. For generations purebred cats have been indoor cats and their immunity is not built to the outside world. Therefore, they do not have the same immunity as an outdoor cat of a mixed breed would.

Are your cats blood and DNA tested? 

Yes. All of our breeding cats are tested  regularly for presence of FIV, FeLV, PKD, HCM, FeCV, FeCov, FCV, FHV, MRSA, Hepatatis B, Bordtella, Chlamydiosis, Toxoplasmosis, Coccidiosis, Giardiasis, extaernal /internal parasites and Heartworm, We submit both to the lab: blood and molecular samples. All the adult breeding cats must have negative results to participate in our breeding program

​Do your cats shed a lot and who actually sheds  more, shorthair or longhair cats?

All cats with fur shed. Shedding is a natural process for your cat to lose dead or damaged hairs. However, the amount and frequency of shedding can depend on a number of factors such as season, for example. The hair coat in shorthair cats is normally much thicker, so they actually shed more compare to longhair cats where their hair is just longer in length and not as thick. Brushing your cat on the daily basis  significantly decreases the amount of fur that sheds. 

Do you show your cats?

Yes. We take our prized cats to cat shows so they can be rated  by experienced judges on their quality. We try our best to breed the greatest and healthy cats with their kittens. Its better to know which of our members of the feline family are the best in providing you the best quality kitten with a great lineage.

Can we get a kitten from you for free?

No. We put a lot of our time and effort in order to raise healthy felines. In fact, our cats and kittens require many different expenses. This includes bills such as vet, groomer, food, etc. So all the kitty’s already have a price minimum that does not even include quality or age. 

Do british cats like being held?

Some cats enjoy the warmth and security of being held, but others may feel restrained. Cats are generally self-sufficient, and they value their personal space which may show their territorial instincts. 

Do you ever offer adult cats for adoption and is there any health warranty for them?

Yes, occasionally we do offer retired adults of various ages who no longer participate in our breeding program and they do not come with health warranty. However, they do come with most recent vet exam with Health Certificate issued by accredited licensed vet.

Do you offer health guaranty for your kittens? 

This is correct. Our kittens come with one- year health guarantee. Please, click here to learn more about the terms and conditions.

It's hard knowing what to do when you're about to adopt, but we are trying make this process even easier when you adopt with us. The most frequently asked questions  are answered on this page as well as other concerns you and your family might have on introducing your newest pal to the family.