Crystal Lily is an elegant cat who loves playing consistently. She has a joyous personality and is always great company. Crystal gets along with whomever and she will try to play with any chance she has.


British Shorthair, Female

Date of Birth: 05.10.2018

Coat Color: Chocolate Golden Shaded Point 

Eye Color: Olive green

Blood group: AB
Blood tests: FeLV (-), FIV (-), Heartworm (-) as of 12.10.2018
Physical tests: HCM (-) as of 12.10.2018
DNA tests: PKD negative as of 12.15.2018
FCoV (neg) and FIP (neg) as of 12.07.2018
 URIs tests: FVR (-), FVC (-), Chlamydia/Bordetella (-) as of 12.11.2018
Feline Toxoplasmosis (Clear) as of 11.15.2018
Coccidiosis/ Giardia (NOT FOUND) as of 11.29.2018