British Shorthair, Female

Date of Birth: 10.29.2016

Coat Color: Seal Silver Shaded Lynx Point

Eye Color: Deep Icy Blue

Blood group: AA
Blood tests: FeLV (-), FIV (-), Heartworm (-) as of 12.10.2018
Physical tests: HCM (-) as of 12.10.2018
DNA tests: PKD negative as of 10.15.2018
FCoV (neg) and FIP (neg) as of 12.07.2018
 URIs tests: FVR (-), FVC (-), Chlamydia/Bordetella (-) as of 12.11.2018
Feline Toxoplasmosis (Clear) as of 11.15.2018
Coccidiosis/ Giardia (NOT FOUND) as of 11.29.2018

Darcy is really great with smaller dogs and makes friends with everyone immediately. She likes to be picked up and in the laps of everyone. Darcy has a mild and awesome attitude.