Elvis is a beautiful large feline who possesses the attributes of a perfect British Shorthair cat. His large and round head makes him appear doll like, amd his gorgeous turquoise green eyes make him overall enchanting. Black eye liner and lip liner are just perfect. He’s gentle yet firm with people, letting us know when he wants attention or to play.


British Shorthair, Male

Date of Birth: 10.04.2014
Coat Color: Black Silver Shaded

Eye Color: Turquoise Green 

Blood group: (N/A)
Blood tests: FeLV (-), FIV (-), Heartworm (-) as of 12.28.2018
Echocardiography:  HCM (-) as of 12.29.2018
DNA tests: PKD negative as of 12.28.2018
FCoV (neg) and FIP (neg) as of 01.02.2018
 URIs tests: FVR (-), FVC (-), Chlamydia/Bordetella (-) as of 01.02.2018
Feline Toxoplasmosis (Clear) as of 01.02.2018
Coccidiosis/ Giardia (NOT FOUND) as of 12.30.2018