Olympia is a darling cat. She has a very calm and nice attitude. She acts great in front of people and other animals. When she’s in the mood she loves playing with other cats, but at the end of the night she will cuddle up next to your feet and take a nice long nap. 


British Shorthair, Female

Date of Birth: 05.05.2017

Coat Color: Chocolate Golden Shaded Point 

Eye Color: Soft Blue

Blood group: AB
Blood tests: FeLV (-), FIV (-), Heartworm (-) as of 12.10.2018
Physical tests: HCM (-) as of 12.10.2018
DNA tests: PKD negative as of 10.15.2018
FCoV (neg) and FIP (neg) as of 12.07.2018
 URIs tests: FVR (-), FVC (-), Chlamydia/Bordetella (-) as of 12.11.2018
Feline Toxoplasmosis (Clear) as of 11.15.2018
Coccidiosis/ Giardia (NOT FOUND) as of 11.29.2018