1. The remaining balance of the purchased price and shipping charges should be paid in full by the purchaser one week before the shipping/ delivery/pick-up date. The seller is responsible to book a flight (if available) and provide the confirmation number for the reservation. The kitten must be picked up or shipped by 10 weeks of age, at least the prior arrangements made by both parties. If the kitten is not picked up or a remaining balance is not paid by 10 weeks of kitten’s age, the reservation will be cancelled, and the kitten is becoming available again.
2. The kitten/cat will not be mistreated and will have fresh food (e.g., a well-balanced diet with wet and dry food), water, and a clean litter box always. The kitten/cat will receive constant and kind human attention. The kitten/cat will be provided with a scratching post or/and cardboard scratchboard, as well as plenty of toys. The cat must be kept indoors always and must not be allowed to roam free outside except enclosed runs approved for cats. While in the outdoors, the cat must be held in a carrier, stroller, or on a leash unless it is harming the kitten's mental or physical health.
3. A non-refundable deposit of $500 begins the process of adopting a kitten.  In case the seller refuses to sell the kitten for any reason, the deposit is REFUNDED IN FULL to the purchaser.
4. The kitten will not be altered before shipping/picking up from the seller. Purchaser agrees to alter this kitten NO LATER than 8 months or 240 days of age. Under NO circumstances shall this cat be used for breeding. The seller must forward the kitten’s registration paperwork in Purchaser’s name after veterinary proof confirming spay/neuter is received. CERTIFICATE OF CASTRATION MUST INCLUDE THE MICROCHIP NUMBER OF THE KITTEN AND MUST BE NOTARIZED AND SHOULD BE SENT BY MAIL TO THE SELLER within 10 days after altering.   
5. The kitten/cat will receive a yearly veterinary examination to include urgent care if needed to maintain the ongoing good health of this animal. The kitten/cat will not be denied veterinary care at any time.
6. The kitten will be vaccinated by the age with internal and external preventative parasite treatment by the time the kitten is ready for pick-up/delivery. Immunization with killed virus and/or killed bacteria is allowed if done by an accredited veterinarian only. The seller is not responsible for side effects caused including overvaccination. If the kitten is administered with FeLV, FIV, FIP, Ringworm, Hookworm, or any modified live virus vaccines (MLV) will void all health and genetic guarantees since cats can develop severe illnesses and serious side effects from administering MLV.
7. The seller gives a one-year genetic guarantee from the day the kitten is born. Upon receipt of a written statement from the examining veterinarian accompanied by all veterinary documentation and tests/lab results, which support the diagnosis, and the diagnosis verified by an independent veterinarian that there’s a genetic health problem. Any presence of an actual or possible virus, bacteria, or fungus in a cat’s body does not indicate and cannot determine the genetic origination of the disease or genetic disorder. These microorganisms can be obtained from anywhere and at any time. If kitten/cat is found to be showing signs of congenital malformation which adversely affects the length or quality of the animal’s life within 12 months after the birthday of the kitten/cat, or the presence of symptoms of a contagious or infectious disease within 14 days following the sale of kitten/cat, the purchaser must provide a signed veterinary certification, which states that kitten/cat was UNFIT FOR SALE (at time of sale) unless a separate agreement is reached by the seller and purchaser(s). Unfit for sale certification must be accompanied by all veterinary documentation which support the diagnosis, and the diagnosis must be verified by an independent veterinary specialist (i.e. in case of suspected heart condition, certification from a cardiologist, not regular DVM). This guarantee covers both genetic and congenital causes except feline infectious peritonitis, which could be a combination of infection and individual predisposition. The animal must be presented to the seller 3 business days after being issued the veterinarian’s certification stating the kitten/cat was unfit for sale. Should kitten/cat die at any time after possession and while this health guarantee is in force, a necropsy is required at purchasers’ expense, the results to be given to the seller in writing from the veterinary professional that performed the necropsy within 15 days of the necropsy. This guarantee specifically excludes all costs incident to shipping and veterinary expenditures. No monetary refunds either in full or in part will be given, and purchasers will absorb all costs associated with the return and/or replacement of any cat/kitten. Upon conditions above, the seller guarantees to replace the kitten/cat with one of the same color, gender, and equal worth from the next available litter of kittens or at any such later time purchasers are ready. Purchasers will be given the right to choose any kitten/cat from those available to others for sale. I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the foregoing health guarantee. If the vet has strong evidence that the animal is ill and that the illness was present before the sale, the seller should be contacted at once, before any major treatment (e.g., euthanasia, chronic diagnosis, contagious virus, or infectious disease, etc.) begins, except in an emergency.
8. Seller acknowledges to release the kitten in good health to the best knowledge with no liens or encumbrances against said kitten/cat. Seller agrees to provide the healthy animal and free from symptoms of transferable diseases and haven’t been exposed to them which will be stated in the Health Certificate issued and signed in original ink by accredited veterinarian. Seller recommends the purchasers to have the kitten/cat examined by the veterinarian of purchasers’ choice during the first 72 hours after receiving the kitten/cat for their satisfaction and protection. However, the decision of whether or not to have the examination does not limit or terminate the health guarantee above. The Seller is not responsible for the cat's death due to natural causes.
9. Purchaser is responsible for all the shipping/delivery costs. Seller does not accept the responsibility of any vet bills unless written authorization states such. The total liability of the seller shall in no case exceed the purchase price listed on the first page of this contract.
10. Kittens/cats going to a multi-cat/animal household should be kept separate from other pets until checked by your vet. The quarantine is required for the first two weeks from other animals in the house.
11. Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat be surgically mutilated in any way (demeowing, tail docking, ear cropping), or unless written consent is given by the seller/seller.
12. The seller is not liable for digestive responses due to dietary changes since all organisms have a unique digestive tract and microflora which is predicative to various responses to the chemical makeup of dietary changes.  The seller does not take responsibility for environmental issues after the cat leaves the cattery such as no responsibility to contents and ingredients found in pet foods or manufacturing process, quality of water.  
13. The seller does not guarantee the appearance of the kitten will stay the same. The seller does not guarantee how the cat will look when fully matured (exact size, weight, color, length or texture of hair, thickness of coat, etc.)
14. The seller makes no guarantee of show quality in a kitten/cat. In the event, that show rights have been granted, the seller makes no warranties for the titles this cat will achieve in major association exhibitions.
15. Under no circumstances will this kitten/cat be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, humane society, cat rescue program, research laboratory, or all similar types of facility engaged in the business of animals, for whatever reasons or purposes.
16. All shipping, insurance, airline, and airport delivery charges shall be paid in full by the purchaser (if any of it applies). The seller takes full responsibility for cat/kitten lost or stolen after acceptance by the airline carrier. It is the responsibility of the breeder to file a claim with the airline carrier if a shipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed. The seller shall provide all reasonable cooperation to the purchaser for any such claim, such as providing evidence of delivery to the carrier. In the event the carrier will only accept a claim from the shipper, the seller agrees to file a claim on behalf of the purchaser, and the purchaser will cooperate with the seller's claim. The seller shall make all reasonable attempts to safeguard travel of said animal, including reinforcement of carrier clips, appropriate labeling, and adequate transport bedding. In case of death during transportation until the kitten gets into buyer’s possession, the seller will replace with another similar at no extra cost to the buyer. Shipping and delivery fees are not refundable.
17. The seller makes no express or implied warranties regarding behavior or personality traits and/or predispositions or changes due to stress and exposure to new environments. The seller makes no guarantees as to the kitten’s temperament or future mental or body development including predictions how the kitten will act after leaving the familiar environment. It is Purchaser’s responsibility to slowly transition Kitten to its new home. Purchaser acknowledges that some kittens may take longer than others to adjust to their new surroundings.
18. Purchaser acknowledges that due to the breed specifics and shape of the face, this cat can be brachycephalic or predisposed to certain conditions to a certain extent. The seller is not responsible for the kitten's lifespan or the kitten itself besides genetic health issues which are explained in Paragraph 7.
19. In the event purchasers are unable or unwilling to own this kitten/cat any longer, purchasers shall surrender the kitten/cat back to the seller. No refund will be due to the purchaser unless a separate agreement is reached at the time this condition occurs. If the registration of this cat has already been transferred to the purchasers, purchasers further agree to transfer registration back to the seller at the time of such surrender.
20. Adequate heated indoor sanitary facilities will be provided, and the kitten/cat will not be allowed to roam out of doors. If this kitten/cat is found to be neglected or ill and left untreated for an unreasonable length of time, the purchasers must and will surrender said kitten/cat to the seller unconditionally and without compensation to the purchasers, and to reimburse the seller for all reasonable costs incurred by the seller to reclaim the cat, including but not limited to actual legal costs. If the registration of this kitten/cat has already been transferred to the purchasers, purchasers further agree to transfer registration back to the seller at the time of such surrender. If for any reason beyond the purchasers’ control, the kitten/cat must be euthanized, the seller/seller must be advised any time before or within 1 month after euthanasia.
21. The seller will provide Purchasers with a Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian upon request at least 3 days before the scheduled pick-up of the kitten/cat. The breeder agrees to provide cat registration paperwork after the cat is sterilized and after the certificate of castration has been mailed and received by the Breeder.  
22. Purchaser agrees that any violation of the terms of this contract may result in the surrender of said cat/kitten, any registration/pedigree papers, to expect no reimbursement of the purchase price, deposit or expenses incurred, and the purchaser may be subject to monetary damages to the seller. If the purchaser violates any terms regarding neutering/spaying explained in Paragraph 4 of this contract, or the purchaser performs any major medical action without seller acknowledgment, this contract will be void.
23. All pictures, videos, or any other media that was created by SilverTales is the property of SILVERTALES CATTERY and is copyrighted.

The place of sale is considered state of Washington, Grant County, and any litigation that may arise out of this contract is to be heard before a judge of this County and State applying the laws of Washington State. Failure of purchasers to abide by either of the conditions contained in this contract and failure to abide by conditions in this contract stipulated as such will hold signee/signees liable for a sum equal to the cost of the kitten.