Zorro came to us from West Germany. Zorro is a unique and strong cat that has the most gorgeous bright green eyes you will ever see. His fur coat is thick and plush with a beautiful blue golden shade mixed in. His personality is a mix that gives happiness. He can be shy sometimes, doing his own thing thru the day or he can be very energetic and playful. When he wants attention he will ask for it and he will let you know once he’s had enough. Around people, Zorro is very regal and proud showing that he is the boss. He is also very friendly, making him look very majestic and unique.


British Shorthair, Male

Date of Birth: 02.25.2015

Coat Color: Blue Golden Shaded 

Eye Color: Green 

Blood tests: FIV/FeLV/HEARTWORM Negative

  ​DNA test: PKD Negative

FCoV: Clear